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Cash App, a product of Square Inc, that was introduced back in 2013. After that, it has been a great run for the organization as well as for the Cash App itself. Initially the application was introduced only for the normal distant transitions for remote location.  But later in the race, Cash App had already overtaken some of the financial giants leading in this game of profit. The main reason behind Cash App’s such improvements has been in its feature in providing the security to the users that they expect the most from any financial organization dealing in online transactional applications. As while using any of the online financial applications, the mode of transaction is that real money from the bank that they are connected with due to the transactions. So any such failure might make the user lose a huge amount of money that they surely don’t expect. That’s why providing the security to that money along with the private user-related data accumulated in the application was a must thing to do for the Cash App for their users. After a successful opening for the application, many other features related to security were introduced to the application along with the new ways of transactional interests for the users. 

If we talk about some of the exceptional steps that were taken by the Square in order to make the application much more useful then the first thing is the user-oriented installation process and the transactions using the crypto-currency. This changed the whole face of the application in front of the world and made it one of the primary choices for the users to go with in case of online transactions. Now, being an online financial application some of the users have a disbelief of having inter-application transactions. People started to think that using the Cash App it is possible to send money from one application account to another application account of different origin such as PayPal, Google Pay, Venmo and others. So, today we would be having a look at some of the reasons and aspects that would be enough to enlighten the Cash App users about this point. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the points that help us to understand the facts.   

Cash App to PayPal: The Hypothesis of Inter-Application Transactions

As we were talking about that it is kind of disbelief of the users that it is possible for them to have the transactions from Cash App to any other application. So, in order to clear the facts, we will take an example scenario that can be heard as a rumour among the users of the Cash App which is transactions from Cash app to PayPal. PayPal has been one of the financial giants across the globe and has been providing its services across maximum countries available out there. Now, both Cash App and PayPal are of the same type of applications providing the online financial services to the users across the globe. Now, Is it really possible in order to have transactions within Cash App and PayPal? To find the answer, there are some of the points that needed to be discussed in brief. So, let’s get straight into the matter and see what happens.

Not A Inter-Application But A Interorganizational Transaction

If we just take a good look at both the applications then we will be able to see that both the application originates from a different source or organization. Cash App is a Square product whereas PayPal itself is an organization dealing in this kind of online transactions and other financial interests. So, the point that has to be made from this aspect is that both the applications have their own boundaries. 

If we talk about the Cash App, there are certain points that can be made in order to produce a view for the users that it is nearly impossible for the users to think that having a transaction within the Cash App and PayPal is possible. As we do know that, both Cash App and PayPal are different stand-alone applications having different attributes. Suppose for one moment if we think that it is possible for the users to have transactions from a Cash App to PayPal and vice versa then there must be a collaboration between two integral centralized servers of these applications which is impossible. In a Cash App account while having any kind of transactions, the first thing that the users do is to first provide an amount then select the user of the same application and raise a request to the application server in order to initiate the transaction. Now, once the request has been initiated, first the request goes to the server, then the request gets verified as per the user credential then it is forwarded to the bank server to proceed with the transaction itself. This is how a transaction gets initiated by the user of Cash App or also by a user of PayPal. Now, as we are talking about a server-level infrastructure, the first thing that needs to be remembered is that a  server is an isolated system and it cannot connect with any other server until such actions have been taken.

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Requirements: In Order To Fulfill the Goal

So, what is this action that we are talking about? This action actually means inter-server relationship on an inter-organizational platform. That means in order to have an inter-application transaction the main thing that needs to be done is a collaboration within Cash App and PayPal so that both the server gets connected. Apart from that as we all do know that in order to store the transactional records in the server, a primary key should be used such as “Order ID” of a transaction. This Order ID must be the same for both the application as well. So, these are some of the primary requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get our goal as we are thinking. But this is impossible until such inter-organizational collaboration happens.  

So, from the above discussion, we can conclude that it is not possible for the users to have such inter-application transactions on a ready-made basis. Now, the question is if there are any other ways that can be used in order to have transactions with the Cash App and PayPal and vice versa. The tricks can also be used in order to have different transactions as well.

Cash App To PayPal: Trick Or Treat

As we know that most of the applications dealing in our daily financial requirements are connected to the bank accounts used by the users. Now, in order to have transactions with any transactional applications, the first thing that needs to be remembered is that all such accounts regardless of their origin are connected to any of the bank accounts used by the users. So, if we just try to revert back the account balance to the bank account then it is easy for any of the users to send to or receive money from any person. Depending on this process, if we want to send any amount of money from my Cash App account to my PayPal account then the first thing that we need to do is to just deposit the amount of money from Cash App wallet to the bank account and then add the same money back to the PayPal account from that same account which is really easy for the users to follow. 

Now, on the other hand, if we want to have a transaction to any other person’s PayPal account from a user’s Cash App account then the user just needs to follow the same process to deposit the money back to the account from the Cash App wallet. Then here is the trick. In this case, the user needs to send the money to another user’s bank account which is connected to that person’s PayPal account. Once the money reaches the destination then that user can add that money to his or her PayPal account. In this way, this requirement can be fulfilled. Now, using the same process any amount of money can be sent from any application wallet to any other different application based wallet.  Now, before the user is following any of the steps, there are some of the casualties that users need to remember to avoid any of the financial loss related to such transactions. The first thing is to while following the steps please keep all the laws and policies provided by both the application in your mind, as sometimes some transactions can be prohibited as per the rule of the given application. Second point, before a user is sending money from one bank account to another bank account, confirm with the recipient that he or she is sending the money to the same account which is connected to the application of the recipient. Follow the same rule while receiving money from anyone. If the rules are followed properly and steps are maintained then it is good to for the users in order to have the transactions.

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