If your personal Cash App account is directly linked to the debit card or bank account, and you are not in a hurry to make payments, there is no need to pay even a penny for any of your transactions. But if you prefer to make use of a credit card for transferring money or opt for an instant transfer, minimal charges are applicable.

In a few of the cases, you might need to pay the Cash App fees, which will include the convenience of receiving sending as well as transferring money. So, ultimately you won’t even mind paying such a minimal amount for enjoying these massive advantages.

Standard charges for money transfer via Cash App

If you transfer money via the credit card, which is linked to your Cash App, you will have to pay a 3% fee to the total amount. For instance, if you are sending $100 to someone, you will have to pay $103 in total. It is also standard fee with other payment applications like PayPal. In fact, this is the same amount that businesses generally absorb with transactions through credit cards.

There is a standard charge of 1.5 % commission for Cash App users, which is added in the case of instant transfers from the app to any bank account. But this can be avoided if you opt for a standard transfer, which usually takes two to three days.

Bitcoin Fees

You will need to pay a standard charge for selling and buying Bitcoins. Also, before the transactions are completed, the fees are listed directly on the trade confirmation.

Two types of fees are charged by the app for Bitcoin transactions. A standard service fee is charged per transaction, and it depends entirely on market activities. Secondly, a small additional fee is levied, which is determined based on the volatility of the U.S. stock exchanges. 

The sales and purchases of Bitcoins on this app are carried out at the mid-market price, which is based on the stock exchange rates.

If you want to monitor the price of Bitcoins, click on the Bitcoin button located on the home screen of your Cash App. 

ATM fees

The app charges 2 $ when you withdraw money using the cash card at ATMs. Moreover, most of the ATMs will charge a small additional fee for using cards that belong to other banks. 

However, it is possible to reimburse or avoid the fee altogether by merely opting for direct deposits in your Cash App account.

If you want to know more about the charges levied on the Cash App services, you can directly talk to our team experts anytime. They will be glad to assist you and resolve your queries related to the app.