Charging back a transaction through Cash App is not possible. If you used a debit or credit card for the transaction, you should contact the card provider. You must claim with your card provider to charge back a Cash App transaction. 

Want to dispute a payment on Cash App but don’t know how? Find out how Cash App handles charge backs. Most of the time, it may be safe to use Cash App, but some exceptions may arise. For example, your transaction might require a dispute or a refund. 

Cash App’s refund and chargeback policies are like those of banks and money transfer software. However, these policies do not just give money to anyone. You must have a valid reason and provide evidence that proves you deserve the money back.

What are the steps for refunding a Cash App payment?

If you receive a wrong payment, you can refund the customer rather than requiring them to file a chargeback with their credit card company.

  1. Open your Cash App. 
  2. Open the Activity tab. 
  3. Tap the charge to be refunded. 
  4. Select Refund. 
  5. The refund request will be initiated after you hit OK.

If a chargeback cannot be done directly through the Cash App, you can still refund payment in about 10 seconds by tapping five times on the screen. 

All refunds and charges made by Cash App will be made to the same source, such as a bank account, credit card, or Cash App wallet balance.

How Does Cash App Handle Chargebacks? 

It is not the responsibility of Cash App to handle peer-to-peer payment disputes. If you’d like a refund, you may do so with the company. 

All refunds are peer-to-peer transactions, meaning you request the refund and the other party decides whether to accept it or not. However, they’re not obligated to accept your request.

Disputes over cash card payments 

Your Cash Card, which works like a Visa card, allows you to get a chargeback for any purchases you made using your Cash Card. Refund requests aren’t accepted blindly, so you have to provide meaningful evidence to support your request. 

Your Cash App balance is linked to your Cash Card, so it’s technically possible to dispute transactions on Cash App. However, your dispute request would be handled by Visa, not Cash App.

How Can You Request a Chargeback?

Asking for a chargeback is a tedious process. So before you request a chargeback, make sure the reason you are claiming is valid and understand how to present a compelling case for the refund.

You may be able to request a chargeback in these situations.

  1. Your Order Didn’t Arrive.

When you shop online, you may run into issues, but that doesn’t always imply the website is trying to scam you. Online shopping has many aspects, and there may be a shipping issue, or your package may get lost.

You have no problem asking for a chargeback if that happens to you. Since providing the evidence is relatively easy, you will likely get your money back quickly.

  1. There was a processing error. 

If you order something online, a slow internet connection might cause it not to be processed correctly, even if the website says everything is fine.

Your payment information could also be wrong. And if it’s not, something could go wrong with the money transfer from your balance to the website you’re buying from or the person you’re transferring money to.

A website can also receive your money, but it might have a problem with its internal or Cash App servers. And even if everything goes smoothly, your Order still has to go through the company’s database and servers. The majority of these cases can be quickly resolved by requesting a chargeback.

  1. Fraud and scams 

You should request a chargeback if you fall victim to a scam. As Cash App is aware of the dangers of fraud, it conducts thorough investigations into these scams, and in cases of confirmed fraud, it shuts down the balance of the scammer and freezes all of its funds.

Reasons for requesting a chargeback that is invalid: 

Because we addressed when a chargeback is valid, we must also discuss when a chargeback won’t be justified and is most likely to be declined. 

  1. No-reason returns 

You will not be considered for a refund if you purchase something online and the website you bought it from states that they do not refund. In addition, any chargeback request you make will be immediately rejected if the item is in good condition. 

  1. False chargebacks 

Using your credit card to purchase something and then requesting a chargeback to say that you did not use the card is considered chargeback fraud and could result in jail time if caught.

What is a Chargeback Request?

To request a chargeback, you must discover the problem and confirm it’s valid.

  • The first step in disputing a purchase is to contact the merchant. Then you’ll be able to determine whether you need to get your credit card company or if it’s an irreversible transaction by contacting Cash App support.
  • Secondly, you should contact your credit card company and file a dispute. You should tell the company about the transaction you’re disputing, along with your reason for the conflict.
  • When requesting a chargeback, you might want to keep your shopping store receipts that you received online and not throw them away.


The irreversible P2P transactions of Cash App mean buyers assume most of the risk since dispute resolution and chargeback processes aren’t yet well-developed. As a result, consumers are advised to deal with only trusted counterparts when using Cash App. 

Merchants are advised to contact Just about Cash App chargebacks related to credit or debit cards.

Cash App FAQs

Money owed to Cash App will be refunded if it is scammed?

Cash App transfers made between Cash App accounts are instant and irreversible, even if scammed. Do not conduct Cash App transfers with those you do not trust. Cash App cannot refund already made payments.

Do banks have the right to dispute Cash App transactions?

You can dispute a transaction funding your Cash App account if you have an account tied to a debit or credit card.

How does disputing a Cash App charge work?

You may be closed by Cash App if you dispute charges made by your credit or debit card.

Cash App: How do you chargeback?

To request a refund, the user can contact Cash App customer support by app, website, phone, or mail, or they can file a chargeback with the card company that issued the card for the Cash App account.

How long does it take to resolve a dispute with Cash App?

Cash App customer support takes up to 10 business days to resolve a dispute when a merchant accepts a refund request. If a merchant rejects the customer’s request, it could take much longer.